Kirin Holdings Company Limited announced on February 2017 their commitment to sourcing only FSC-certified fibre materials for all of their paper packagings by 2020 for their Japan integrated beverages business.

The company aims to use only FSC-certified paper material for all of its six-can packaging by the end of this year. Subsequently, all gift boxes, beverage cartons (including Kirin Tropicana products), and cardboard box container of products from their Japan integrated beverages business are going to be 100% FSC-certified by 2020*. The company also sets a target for office paper use, that by 2020, only FSC-certified or recycled paper will be used as copying paper, standard envelopes, business cards and in other printed materials such as company brochures.

Kirin Holdings developed “Kirin Group’s Guideline on Sustainable Sourcing of Biological Resources” and action plans back in 2013. Since then, the company has been promoting activities to enhance their sustainable sourcing of biological resources. This latest announcement came after the company’s revised action plan for “paper and printed materials” sourcing, which includes the commitment to expand the use of FSC- certified paper.

* Products such as limited merchandise, products in a special dimension, and imported products are excluded.

The original press release in Japanese can be found here.

Kirin website in English:

Kirin Group commits to going 100% FSC-certified for their domestic paper packaging