AEON Stores HK x FSC family workshop promotes sustainable products

As part of AEON Stores Hong Kong 30th Anniversary celebration and its sustainability initiative, FSC held a workshop in an AEON store in Hong Kong to teach kids aged 6 above, and their parents, on what FSC means and how we as consumers can conserve the world’s forest resources and wildlife.

Thanks Kimberly-Clark Hong Kong for sponsoring the FSC-certified tissues as gifts to the participants!


We’re very impressed by an 8-year-old who can explain the differences between an FSC MIX label and FSC 100% label (the video is Cantonese only but you see official definition here)

Even a 3-year-old knows FSC scheme can protect the animals living in the forests!


AEON stores also set up special promotion of FSC and other eco-label products earlier in June.