Forest Stewardship Council Officially Appoints Adam Beaumont as Asia Pacific Regional Director

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) International has officially appointed Adam Beaumont as the Asia Pacific Regional Director, effective from 1 August 2017.

Beaumont has been the interim director of FSC Asia Pacific since March this year. As a trained Forest Scientist with a Masters in Environmental Law, he has extensive experience in both public and private regulatory systems, natural resource management, and driving regulatory reform.

He also has a strong track record of change management in operational practices, delivering successful tactical and strategic projects regardless of the complex settings. During his tenure as the CEO of FSC Australia and New Zealand, he focused on boosting FSC’s awareness, credibility and viability to a wider forestry sector.  The FSC “checkmark-and-tree” label has become one of the most sought after environmental seal of approval for forest products within Australia. The development of the Australian FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard(NFSS) has also made significant progress thorough consultation and stakeholder engagement exercise.

“The FSC Global Strategic Plan calls FSC to reach 20 per cent market share in the global forest-based trade by 2020. More than 10,000 FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certificates are in the Asia Pacific, the second largest in the world. The region not only is the hub of scores of global supply chains but also provides numerous forest products and support millions of people. Our development in Asia Pacific is vital to achieving our strategic goal,” says Kim Carstensen, FSC Director General. “I believe that Beaumont, bringing his experience in organizational transformation and his expertise in forestry, environmental regulation and market engagement, will take FSC in Asia Pacific to the next level.”

By taking up the new role as FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director, Beaumont is looking forward to working with his team members across the region, further strengthening the relationship with our stakeholders and engaging governments to drive industry change towards responsible forest management in the region. “From the growth of the FSC CoC certificates, we’ve seen an increasing number of brand owners and large national and multi-national businesses include responsible sourcing of forest products in their procurement policy. They prefer FSC because of its credibility and global recognition,” Beaumont continues. “With a trend to impose tightened regulation of sourcing sustainable timber material in many countries, FSC certification has become a great compliance tool and a must-have ‘ticket’ for manufacturers looking to join the unbroken supply chains to produce FSC labelled products. We are confident that FSC can play an even more significant role in the region using our advantages, such as further connecting the upstream/ downstream FSC suppliers to create more market opportunities and incentives for responsibly sourced forest products.”

Beaumont is based in Melbourne, Australia. Besides being a trained Forest Scientist with a Masters in Environmental Law, he is also a Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA).