At the Fashion Summit HK 2017 with a key theme of Asia’s sustainable fashion, FSC Asia Pacific’s Jayco Fung spoke to Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Public Engagement, Patagonia, on why the brand chooses FSC and how business can drive sustainability in the region. Patagonia launched the world’s first FSC-certified wetsuit line, which made of natural rubber from a plantation certified by Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards in Guatemala in 2016.

Why does Patagonia choose FSC certification for the rubber plantation?

“It’s important for us to know how the forests that are producing that rubber are maintained and treated. And there we depend on the FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, to give us the confidence that the plantations that are producing the rubber we use in our wetsuit are being maintained as being as sustainably as possible.”

How can your business drive sustainability in Asia?

1 minute with Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Public Engagement, Patagonia