FSC Friday feature: the 4 reasons why you should care about the FSC

The last Friday of September is known to be FSC Friday, which we aim to celebrate the importance forests and promote the awareness of FSC. As a global environmental organization dedicated to responsible forest management and forest product certification, our work may appear to be not so relevant to most people at first glance, but that’s simply not true! Here are 4 reasons why you should care about FSC:

1. FSC and forests are in fact very closely connected to you and your daily life (you just need to pay attention!)
Say for papers, on which you have just written, or from which the cup containing your everyday morning coffee is made, or of which that fast food takeaway bag is made, are the products of wood and forests. All these products, if they have an FSC label on, then they’re produced from responsibly managed forests.

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2. FSC is your everyday guide to a sustainable lifestyle. And it is SIMPLE.
Simply look for the green FSC label, it can be anywhere. From the wooden table in furniture shops, beverage packaging from restaurants or even fashion products you see in a boutique. FSC labels indicate which products involving forest resources are produced sustainably.

3. FSC offers you a clear conscience while having a good time of shopping.
Whenever you see an FSC label, you know you can spend on the forest product with a clear conscience, as it guarantees that the product is made from responsibly managed forests or certified recycled materials. All good for the planet.

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4. FSC makes sure there are still forest resources left.
Without the responsible management of forests and their resources, and with the rapid rate of usage and deforestation humans are having, forests and products made from them will soon run out. The FSC works to make sure forest resources are sustainable so that you and everyone else can enjoy the consumption and benefit of forests for years to come.