The GA motion outcomes that you should care about

The triennial FSC General Assembly 2017 is concluded and we’ve highlighted some key motions that got passed for our stakeholders’ quick references:

Motion 7: About the 1994 rule– addressing past conversions through restoration and conservation as a requirement for certification of plantations that have converted natural forests post 1994 passed.

The membership recognizes the strategic importance of addressing the issues around conversion of natural forest-related ecosystems to plantations and the need for alignment of the diverse ways in which conversion is treated in different parts of the FSC normative framework.

The membership requests that FSC puts in place a mechanism, building upon previous work, which will develop a holistic policy and appropriate treatment at Principle, Criterion and Indicator levels with guidance to national Standards Development Groups, considering compensation for past conversion, in terms of:

  • restoration and/or conservation for environmental values; and
  • restitution for socio-economic values

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Motion 46: On smallholders— FSC New Approaches Programme as a high-level priority for advancing smallholders and community certification.

This revised motion, combining multiple motions, looks to prioritise the new approaches program with an additional focus on group approaches, undertaking a cost assessment and looking at ways to reduce burden and simplifying the approach to contractor certification.

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Motion 56: Controlled Wood – Ensuring that the Controlled Wood System is functional and credible until a strategy is in place

The membership affirms that the approved standards for the development of National Risk Assessments and the new Controlled Wood and related Auditor Standards shall be implemented in full. No company based risked assessments will be permissible to use beyond 1 January 2019.

The whole spectrum of possible outcomes from phasing out CW to continuing to use CW shall be given fair consideration during the CW strategy development process. A small team representing all three chambers and the diversity of perspectives shall be set up to assist the secretariat in preparing for the CW strategy meeting to be held in June 2018.

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Motion 21: Climate Motion – The motion asks FSC to investigate how FSC addresses the Cancun Safeguards and that FSC apply to the UNFCCC to join climate change talks.

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Motion 16: Audit Data – Harnessing audit data to improve assurance integrity, M&E, and the value proposition for FSC. It focused on improving the FSC-FM audit reporting and data management systems.

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