How to check the information of an FSC certificate?

FSC certificates show companies’ commitment to sustainable forestry practices, but how can you check if the certificate information listed on the product is valid? Are the companies you are in contact with truly FSC- certified? And do they have the required scopes to produce respective FSC labelled products or participate in the supply chains for those products?

FSC certified companies should be able to provide you an identical FSC certificate code (AAA-FM/CoC-###### or AAA-CoC-######) which should be also on the invoice of any shipments as just because the company is certified does not mean all products it is selling are certified. The Certificate Code is made as a claim that accompanies any material. With the code, you can directly find the certified company in our “Public Certificate Search” database to verify the validity and scope of FSC certificates.

FSC Public Search is a transparent platform that allows users to verify the information of an FSC certificate with just a few easy steps.

All you need to do is to follow a few easy steps to check the information

  1. Visit FSC certificate search(
  2. Enter the license code(please ask the company to provide you so), organization legal name, certificate or product information you want to search for

Check out the explainer video and see the steps here: