FSC International Managing Director Visits Beijing and Taipei, Receiving Overwhelming Support

In June, FSC International’s Managing Director Kim Carstensen visited China and Taipei to attend conferences and meet with stakeholders in the region.

One of the key events Carstensen attended was the 2018 Global Bamboo And Rattan Congress (BARC) held in Beijing. The conference aimed to promote sustainable development of the bamboo industry and create an international network for innovation, industrial cooperation, policy dialogue, as well as knowledge sharing for practitioners in the bamboo sector.

As a leading forest certification system on bamboo, Carstensen gave a speech to demonstrate our leadership and commitments to further support FSC bamboo certification.

“Bamboo is an essential asset of global forest resource and plays a great role in the sustainability strategy when produced responsibly,” said Carstensen, “FSC will continue its support towards responsible bamboo management, enhancing our standards on certifying bamboo via both working with and consulting stakeholders.”

In China, more than eight million people are relying on the bamboo industry, which contributed to a huge bamboo market which values over RMB200 billion annually.

Around 180,000 hectares of bamboo forests within the country are FSC-certified, and a majority of them are owned by smallholders. Encouragingly, the number of FSC-certified companies has doubled over the past five years. There are more than 380 bamboo production companies holding the FSC certification, and the accreditation significantly broadened their distributions in the global market.

“During the conference, representatives from participating companies frequently mentioned FSC as the certification that they are using, from big brands such as Ikea to suppliers of all scales,” said Ma Lichao, Director of FSC China. “It is great to hear that FSC is the ‘people’s choice of certification’ at a global conference. We are confident that FSC can contribute more to bamboo certification, especially in China.”

Before going to Beijing, Carstensen visited Taipei and attended the 2018 Forum on Forest Certification, Sustainable Plantation Forestry and Green Procurement as the keynote speaker.


Frank Lin_DG Forest Bureau TW

Director General of the Forestry Bureau Frank Lin supports FSC and encourages private forest owners in Taiwan to obtain FSC-certification.


One of the key themes of this conference was about community forest rights of indigenous people, and FSC was seen as the preferred scheme and leader in incorporating Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in forest management. The Director General of the Forestry Bureau Frank Lin supported FSC and encouraged private forest owners in Taiwan to obtain FSC-certification. The participants also interested in FSC’s soon-to-be-launched Ecosystem Services Procedure, which covered recreational services and would potentially benefit the eco-tourism development in Taiwan.

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Carstensen also visited the Bunun Tribe in Taidong (FSC-C132969), which is the first indigenous community to achieve FSC Certification in the Greater China Region; and Yongzai Forestry(FSC-C125577) and its processing mill (FSC-C137030), the first forestry company that attain FSC-FM Certification in Taiwan.

yongzai forestery_Kim

Visiting Yongzai Forestry Co. Ltd. in Taichung, Taiwan


Carstensen will be returning to the Asia Pacific region to attend the FSC APAC Business Forum in Mumbai, India in September. Find out more about the event.