FSC APAC Business Forum Speaker Series #4: 60s with…Muthusamy Gunasekaran, Manager, Technical Customer Services South Asia, Lenzing AG

Guna_TCS_Manager_LenzineWhen talking about innovation to produce wood-based cellulose fibre, Lenzing is surely one of the industry leaders. Muthusamy Gunasekaran, Manager, Technical Customer Services(TCS) South Asia of Lenzing AG, talks about Lenzing’s commitment to sustainability and what role FSC plays in driving the trend of sourcing responsibly. 

1. How is FSC related to your work?

Lenzing AG is a fiber company producing FSC- certified fibers and all Lenzing production sites are FSC- certified. Lenzing AG uses FSC and other certification systems as verification that the wood is from sustainable sources. In addition, Lenzing AG is one of the world’s first leading cellulose fiber producers to complete a Canopy Style audit conducted by Rainforest Alliance, a robust risk assessment of Lenzing’s current supply chains, which confirms the industry-leading rating of low risk of sourcing wood from ancient and endangered forests or other controversial sources. Here in the South Asia office, we are responsible for selling these fibres in our markets, guide and educate our customers in processing these FSC certified fibres and ensuring the supply chain. We also provide support to our supply chain partners, brands and retailers in getting FSC certified yarn, fabrics and Garments in the South Asia region.

One important commitment is we ensure our stock is maintained anytime to serve our customers. We ensure FSC quality fibres have to be ordered under the chain of custody rules set in the FSC Chain of Custody(CoC) standard and we make sure we deliver papers and invoices carrying the FSC CoC references(FSC Credit Mix). Our customers are always made aware on the certification part, that if they want the FSC claim, they have to apply for certification of their products.

2. What do you see FSC’s position in the emerging market that you’re in?

Sustainability is the need of the hour where FSC plays a major role. All major brands and retailers are working on sustainability where some of their product rages are converted into FSC programs already. Awareness of FSC certification is growing these days where Primary and secondary customers are also working on FSC certification for their facilities. The entire supply chain is getting awareness on the FSC certification. Like GOTS and Oekotex certification, FSC is also becoming mandatory as on today. Going forward, we are looking to have more supply chain partners coming on board with their products certified. The initiative and the stand taken by the global brands on using FSC- certified material on sustainability base is also impacting the domestic brands in South Asia, which is seen as a good sign. The global certification scheme ensures and helps by showing how responsible Lenzing, as a fibre manufacturer, is committed to the environment and the world’s forests, and also our supply chain partners.

3. Can you give us a sneak peek on what you’re going to share at the panel discussion?

One of the focus will be on our Sustainable fibre Ecovero™. Lenzing™ EcoVero™ fibres use sustainable wood sources, which are made from natural and renewable raw material of wood. The wood comes from natural forests or from sustainable forestry plantations. I’d also like to share our comprehensive wood sourcing policy, and how we are committed to lower emissions and water impact, as well as how we market our sustainable fibres to brands and retailers.

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