FSC APAC Business Forum Speaker Series #5: 60s with…Tereza Vrabcova, Sustainability Analyst, HAVI

HAVI_FSC Asia Pacific Busines Forum 2018

HAVI  has an extensive experience in managing complex fibre-based packaging supply chains on a global scale and leverage companies’ supply chain to drive their organisational sustainability goals. Tereza Vrabcova, Sustainability Analyst, HAVI shares her insights on the trends of sustainable fibre sourcing and how they engage their stakeholders to show the value of sustainability with FSC. 

1. How is FSC related to your work?
80% of the packaging we manage in the region is fibre-based so an effective strategy for fibre sourcing and Chain of Custody implementation forms a critical part of HAVI’s efforts. We work very closely with our suppliers to drive change through Chain of Custody certification deriving tangible benefits for our clients. Availability of FSC certified fibre in the Asia Pacific region also offers a great opportunity to drive sustainability efforts forward and increase the prominence of this important work through FSC on-product labelling.

2. When looking for potentials, how would you rank suppliers’ sustainability commitments among other factors, like pricing? Why is that so?
There are always multiple factors influencing a sustainable fibre sourcing approach; cost is clearly one of these. Companies have responded positively as awareness and public attention recently increased around sustainability. However, we still see the instance where commercials overtake a need for a more sustainable product.
We all have a role to play to show the value of sustainability, and work on solutions where commerciality is an enabler rather than an obstacle.
Sustainable fibre sourcing is one of the key requirements for fibre-based packaging suppliers globally. HAVI’s role is to support the implementation and delivery against the clients’ requirements. Through collaboration and engagement with the key stakeholders, we strive for outcomes which are a win-win for all parties.

3. Can you give us a sneak peek at what you’re going to share for your presentation?
HAVI has extensive experience in managing complex fibre-based packaging supply chains on a global scale. I look forward to sharing some insight and experiences of our approach and learnings.

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