FSC Director General Visits South Korea – Photo Highlights

Prior to attending the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)’s 73rd Annual Conference in Bangkok, FSC Director General Kim Carstensen visited South Korea with Adam Beaumont, Regional Director, FSC Asia Pacific and Jayco Fung, Market Development Manager in late October to meet with key stakeholders in the country. See below for the photo highlights.

The group visited WWF Korea’s office in Seoul to discuss how we can corporate to further promote FSC to the business sector.


From left: Simon Yoon, CEO, WWF- Korea; Kim Carstensen, Managing Director, FSC International; Jayco Fung, Market Development Manager and Adam Beaumont, Regional Director, FSC Asia Pacific

They visited the Korea Forest Service and met with the Forest Policy Division’s officials, which they shared information on the Korean Forest Service, about its National Forest Policy, FSC certification uptake in Korea. They also had a tour at their education centre.


The group met with Mr Sooyeong Kim, Head of Team and Mr Lim Chang-Ok, Chief Official from the Forest Policy Division of Korean Forest Service

They also met the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization and explored collaboration opportunities in Asia.



Meeting with Dr Park Eunsik, Acting Executive Director, Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (fourth from the left)

Lastly, they visited the ICLEI Korea office and ICLEI East Asia Regional Office, which worked with local county/ provincial governments and drive their sustainable development, to discuss the potential partnership.


FSC is looking forward to expanding our footprint further in Korea in 2019. Stay tuned for further updates.