FSC Australia Hosts Chinese State and Provincial Forestry Delegation

FSC Australia held an information session for the Chinese State and Provincial forestry delegation, which composed of 18 government officials and academics in the forestry and environmental sector.  The main themes are about the development of forest management standards, the FSC experience and benefits, and the drivers and incentives for certification.

FSCA_Chinese Delegation_Sara presenting

Adam Beaumont, APAC Regional Director gave an introduction and global overview about FSC; while Sara Gipton(above middle), CEO of FSC Australia, provided insights into the development of the local standards and share market information, such as the trend on the growing demand for FSC certified material by large retailers.

There were practical discussions on the benefits of certifications, market access, and its barriers.

Russ Hughes, ABP, Phil Whiteman hVP, and Dave Bennett, PF Olsen also provided overview of their companies’ operations, including drivers for certification, the benefits and also the challenges.

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