Second Public Consultation of India’s FSC National Forests Stewardship Standard Now Opens

FSC calls for stakeholders’ feedback on the second public consultation of the drafted FSC National Stewardship Standard for India.

The second public consultation of the FSC National Standard for India is now opened for comments. You can give your comments, feedback and suggestions until 12th June 2019.

Interested stakeholders can find the relevant documents, including

1) Tender for the Public Consultation
2) draft standard(in Microsoft Word format) FSC STD Ind 04 2019 v3.0
3) draft standard (in pdf format) FSC STD Ind 04 2019 v3.0
4) Note for completing the consultation sir-note

Stakeholders can provide their written feedback within the next 60 days until 12th June 2019 to or Loy Jones, FSC Policy Manager Asia Pacific, at

For further enquiries, please contact KPMG at

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About the India NFSS Process

You can read about the NFSS Process in India here. You can learn more about the activities of FSC In India on this post.