FSC Unsung Heroes – Who’s Behind FSC? #3 Wang Yanyan, Senior Technical Officer, FSC China

The story of a young graduate growing together with FSC in China

11 years ago, Yanyan first came across FSC during post-graduate research on the feasibility study of FSC in China. Although she was impressed by the sharp logo and holistic forest management standards, she did not know her future career would be tied with FSC.

After graduation, Yanyan’s work involved promoting FSC long before FSC established an office in China in 2011. Therefore, once there was an opening, it only seemed natural that she joined the China office, and started a learning journey to build the organization with the rest of the team in China.

“There has been a huge change during the past 10 years, working first hand with FSC China,” Yanyan recalls. “The number of FSC certified companies grew from a few dozen to more than 7,000 now. Certified products that used to be hard to find in the market can now be easily found.”


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The development of the National Forest Stewardship Standard brought together experts from different sectors to contribute to enhancing forest governance that fits the local context

She also saw how the standards are not something on the paper but can bring tangible, life-changing impact on millions of people. She felt it particularly when coordinating the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard Development(NFSS) in China and during field works.“ It turned out to be a touching experience for me,” says Yanyan. “Imagine eight experts, all very well established in their own areas on social, economic or environmental fields, devoted their time voluntarily and used their knowledge to come up with solutions on some very complicated issues. The level of commitment is astounding.”


Today, Yanyan has turned from a young graduate to the mother of a 6-year old daughter. Her little girl loves to tell her classmates with pride that “mummy protects forests!”. To bring true, positive impact that will last to the next generation, Yanyan hopes to provide more services and support to more companies and forest managers so they can join the FSC scheme.

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FSC is proud to be the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution
to deliver positive impacts for the forests, markets, and people – for today and tomorrow. We cannot do this alone and we are grateful to have so many partners and supporters around the world to work together with us.

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2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of FSC. This interview series is our tribute to those unsung heroes in the Asia Pacific region that help FSC grow tall and strong.