FSC Master Class #1: Look Inside The FSC Label

The FSC label can be found on millions of products around the world and you should have come across it at least a few times a day, be it on a carton of drinks, the content page of the latest bestseller, your electricity bills and bank statements, or on the package of tissue rolls…

But what does it mean to you?

If you are into sustainable living, you probably know that this label means the products that bear this mark are made from the material that sourced from responsibly managed forests.

At a glance, they all look similar, but in some ways they are different:

FSC label 3 kinds -collage

Why are they different and what does that mean? Let’s look at the different components of an FSC Label:



Compulsory: There are three essential components to an FSC label, namely the FSC “tick tree” logo, the label title and a licence code. The “tick tree” logo doesn’t change but the label title and license code vary from company to company and products composition.

Compulsory when required: The indication of the product type is required when NOT ALL materials of the product and its packaging is FSC-certified:

Others: The FSC website address and elaboration about the specific label in the form of label texts may present as well.

3 Types of Label: What does a label title tell you?
The label title gives information on the certified material that made the product. There are three types:

FSC Label 2

FSC 100%: Hundred percent of product materials indicated by this label comes from FSC certified forests.

FSC MIX: Product materials indicated by its label are from mixed sources that at least 70% are of FSC certified forests, and the remaining from FSC Controlled Wood or reclaimed materials.

FSC RECYCLED: All product materials indicated by its label are reclaimed materials, with at least 70% from post-consumer reclaimed materials and the remaining from pre-consumer reclaimed materials.

FSC Label 3

Licence Code: What does it stand for? 

Each FSC product label contains an FSC Trademark Licence Code to indicate the Certificate Holder that made the product. It always begins with the letter “C”, which stands for “Certificate Holder”, followed by a set of 6-digit number.

FSC Label 4 edited_CC

Each code is unique to each Certificate Holder and can be verified of its validity, expiry date, and the scope of its FSC certificate on the FSC Certificate Search Database at http://info.fsc.org.

If you’re a Certificate Holder, you can also generate and download the FSC on-product label at trademarkportal.fsc.org. Simply click the below video to find out how:


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