Leading Corporations Pledge for UN SDGs and FSC Certification at Sustainable Forest Theme Day in China

FSC China held the Sustainable Forest Theme Day on 20 July at the World Horticulture Expo in Beijing, an event which was co-organised with the Beijing Forestry Society, China Sustainable Consumption Roundtable and WWF China.

During the opening ceremony, Wang Chun-feng, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation(pictured above, left) highlighted in his speech, “The Chinese Government takes forest certification with great importance. China has established a national forest certification system which is in line with the international standards with the support of stakeholders. At present, we are refining it so it can further meet the country’s green development and people’s desire for a better environment.”

The business sector plays a crucial role in building a sustainable future. The representatives from Tetra Pak, Stora Enso, Fengsheng and Ikea signed the Green Declaration– pledging the companies’ commitments towards achieving UN SDGs and FSC Certification. The representatives also showed their star products during the activity, which were all FSC-certified renowned household brands.

FSC Forests theme day+2019

Not only are awe-inspiring forests the roots for horticulture, but they also provide scores of materials for human use and play a significant role in combating climate change. With the plight of deforestation, it is imminent to adopt responsible forest management to turn the tide. FSC China launched this activity to build awareness of the importance of forests and encourage more consumers to choose forest-friendly products proactively. As well, motivated more companies to take up corporate social responsibility through achieving FSC certifications in their supply chains and adopt FSC in their procurement policy.


“Protecting forests does not mean we cannot cut down any trees,” said Ma Lichao, Executive Director of FSC China as he debunked the myth about forest protection. “Forest can bring more benefits for both human and other species if managed properly. FSC and our partners hope to encourage more sustainable forest management by creating both market and administrative incentive mechanism.”

The Sustainable Forest Theme Day was part of the activities of the FSC China in the World Horticulture Expo in Beijing. Our exhibition themed “A Green Journey” can be found in the expo until 7 October 2019 with a series of public activities.