FSC APAC Business Forum 2019 Speakers

The annual FSC APAC Business Forum is being held this year in Shanghai, China on October 17 and 18. Here are the profiles of some of this year’s speakers…

Huilin Min – Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Taiwan


Kimberly-Clark Corp. (NYSE: KMB) is a US$ 18.5 billion multi-national company based in the United States with a 147-year heritage. Brands such as Huggies®, Kleenex®, Scott®, Kotex®, and Depend® are household names and market leaders in more than 175 countries.

As a member of the Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific leadership team, Huilin was appointed as Managing Director of Taiwan in May 2019 and started to lead a dedicated and capable local team in strengthening and growing the Taiwan business. Huilin has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and strategy for leading consumer brands in the United States and Asia Pacific markets. She joined Kimberly-Clark in June 2017 as the Strategy Director of APAC based in Singapore where she oversaw the region’s key strategic initiatives Prior to joining Kimberly-Clark, Huilin held various leadership roles across Marketing and Sales functions at P&G and L’Oreal.

Huilin holds an MBA degree from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Yiwei Ding – Wood Supply and Forestry Specialist, IKEA

Yiwei has a Master’s degree in Forestry Conservation from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Silviculture from Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University. Yiwei joined IKEA in 2016 as a Wood Supply and Forestry Specialist for East Asia and is based in Shanghai.

Ian Blanden – Managing Director of Stora Enso Guangxi Forestry

Stora Enso Ian

Mr Blanden is Managing Director of Stora Enso Guangxi Forestry, which is based in Beihai, Guangxi, a role he has held since October 2013.

Mr Blanden has over 30 years of experience in the management of commercial plantation eucalypt businesses. He manages all aspects of the business in Guangxi. He was previously responsible for managing plantation estates in excess of 300,000 hectares and previously worked for the Gunns Limited Group of Companies, North Forest Products and APPM.

Yuli Su – Circular Economy Expert, Greater China, Tetra Pak


Ms Su has worked at Tetra Pak Asia Pacific since 2012. She is currently the company’s Sustainability Circular Economy Expert for Greater China. After graduating from the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education at National Kaohsiung Normal University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Ms Su worked as a WTO Centre Assistant Research Fellow at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research Taipei and then as a Green Product Engineer at GIGABYTE in Taipei in the Quality Policy Management Division.

Guohua Zheng – Business Development Manager, UPM Paper

UPM 郑国华

Mr Zheng holds a Bachelor’s degree from Beijing Forestry University and has more than 20 years of experience in the paper industry. He has served as a customer technical service manager, product manager and business development manager at UPM, and is responsible for paper technical indicators, office paper product management and specialty paper business development. Mr Zheng is committed to the promotion of FSC certified paper in the Asia Pacific region.

Rex Mok – General Manager, Lenzing Fiber (Hong Kong) Company Limited and Regional Director, Technical Customer Service (TCS) North Asia

Rex Mok

Rex Mok is the General Manager of Lenzing Fiber (Hong Kong) and Regional Director of TCS North Asia. At TCS, Mr Mok manages a team which services both external and internal customers. These services include technical support, education, claims management, brand policing and development for their entire supply chain partner network in both the textile and non-woven industries. For Lenzing, Mr Mok manages both operational and managerial functions covering several countries including Greater China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

With over 26 years of experience in the textile industry, Mr Mok has held various senior positions in dye-house, dyestuff and chemical auxiliary companies such as Ciba-Geigy and BASF. Mr Mok graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a major in Textile Chemistry. He also holds an EMLSI (Executive Masters in Leadership, Sustainability and Innovation) from Murdoch University and is a member of the UK’s Fellowship Society of Dyers and Colourists.

Audrey Cheung – Vice President McDonald’s China Supply Chain Management


Audrey Cheung, Vice President of McDonald’s China Supply Chain Management, is responsible for McDonald’s China’s Corporate Food Safety, sustainability, and the McDonald’s China Supply Chain University. Audrey is a food science professional with extensive supply chain experience and expertise. A pioneer, she has been leading supply chain management development in China for over 26 years, founding food safety and quality assurance systems, and laying a solid foundation for sustainable supplies for McDonald’s China.

Over the years, she has also cultivated many talented people specialising in suppliers and supply chains. Ms Cheung won the McDonald’s Global President Award in 1996, and was nominated as the first Chairperson of McDonald’s China Women’s Leadership Network in 2011. In 2013, she led the China Quality System Team to win the McDonald’s Global Circle of Excellence Award. She currently serves as the Chairman of McDonald’s (China & HK) Food Safety & Quality Advisory Council. She received a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Food Science and Technology in Australia in 1991, and an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2002.

David Xin – Director of Certification and Business Enhancement, SGS

David Xin
Mr Xin is responsible for certification at SGS in China. With a strong technical background and management experience in TIC, he participates in many international and domestic standardisation projects, including localisation of the FSC Forest Management standard in China.

Kelly Yang – Corporate Communication and CSR Manager, Kimberly-Clark Taiwan

Kelly Y

With 20+ years of experience, Ms Yang leads the corporate communications, corporate social responsibility and consumer hotline service functions for Kimberly-Clark Taiwan. Realising how important building sustainable business practices are to healthy corporate development and a stronger community, Kelly initiated their signature FSC awareness campaign called ‘Green Up for a Better Future’ by recognising the FSC label in Taiwan market in 2014 and working with non-profit organisations to propel FSC awareness and create impact through green consumption. Today, the campaign has reached over 9,300 elementary school children and earned multiple CSR recognitions for the company. Kelly holds the Bachelor’s degree of Journalism from National Chengchi University of Taiwan.

Kim Carstensen – Managing Director, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

©FSC_A.C_Kim Carstensen_portrait

Mr Carstensen is the Managing Director of the Forest Stewardship Council, a position he has held since October 2012. He has a proven track record as a global leader within the environment and development sectors. Prior to joining FSC, Mr Carstensen managed FairGreenSolutions, an environmental strategy and sustainable development consultancy that, among other things, helped link the concepts of the ‘Green Economy’ and sustainable development for clients in the Global South.

His strategic approach to environment and development issues comes from a long history of global leadership at WWF, most recently as the leader of WWF International’s Global Climate Initiative. Here, he led the organisation’s development of nationally relevant climate change programmes in the world’s key economies, and WWFs push for global climate action across governments and businesses. Prior to this, he was the CEO of WWF Denmark, where he worked on issues related to global environment and development policy, and to environment and development projects in the Global South.

Mr Carstensen’s broad development experience also comes from his prior role as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Danida (Denmark’s Official Development Assistance Agency), where he participated in broad discussions of development issues in all sectors, and from his academic training as a sociologist.

Jayco Fung – FSC Interim Regional Director and Head of Market Development, Asia Pacific


Ms Fung joined FSC in January 2014 and is now the FSC Interim Regional Director and Head of Market Development, Asia Pacific. She leads FSC development across the region and sits on the FSC Global Leadership Team. Ms Fung has 20 years of experience in the forestry sector. Prior to joining FSC, she served in both the public and private sectors, in environmental and sustainability roles encompassing responsible forest management, value chains, trade and standard compliance matters.

Ms Fung has substantial experience with the FSC certification scheme and other international standards. Based in Hong Kong at the FSC Asia Pacific regional office, she leads the B2B and B2C market development programmes in the region, as well as the growth strategy for value chains of FSC-certified forest-based material and products, including non-timber forest products such as rubber. She also connects international brands, retailers and buyers to FSC-certified suppliers in the region. In addition, Ms Fung manages the FSC trademark programme in the region to maintain the credibility of the FSC brand in the region.

Lichao Ma – Executive Director, FSC China

Mr Ma has 15 years of professional experience in sustainability and business. Responsible for FSC’s operations in China, he focuses on institutional and business development, relationship building and project management. He is recognised for his expertise in developing and implementing effective strategies, identifying challenges and opportunities and conducting sophisticated communications with stakeholders that advance the interests of FSC, building common interest across cultures, providing practical business solutions and effectively spearheading execution to ensure overall business efficiency and the achievement of goals.

In his role, Mr Ma develops and orchestrates strategies for institutional and business development in China in close collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. He helped establish FSC China, and has built a capable team and robust administrative structure. Mr Ma also assembled and successfully finished the process of developing the FSC forest management standard for China. He continues to develop the policy environment for FSC certifications and related operations in China and has helped achieve an average annual growth rate in FSC certification that is higher than 50 per cent.

Phil Guillery – Supply Chain Integrity Director of the Forest Stewardship Council

phil g

Phil Guillery leads a team that ensures FSC-certified products come from responsibly-managed sources. Through the use of data analytics and advanced techniques in forensic wood science, the Supply Chain Integrity Team investigates possible issues with FSC-certified products. The results of these investigations are then used to implement policies to improve the FSC Chain of Custody system.

Phil has been involved with FSC since 1997. He has worked directly with forest management operations, forest product manufacturers and global brands looking to achieve FSC certification and develop markets for certified products. He has also consulted with communities, conservation organisations, development agencies and industries on a wide range of projects in a variety of countries. Phil has participated in the development of a number of FSC standards and numerous FSC policies, and has served on the FSC-US Board for seven years.

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