FSC Acts on Potential Fraud in Paulownia Wood Supply Chain

Following an extensive investigation into Paulownia supply chains, FSC has taken initial action against a number of companies that were found to have traded non-certified Paulownia as FSC certified. These companies are subject to termination or suspension of their trademark licenses or further investigations.

The terminated certificate is:
• Dongming Sanxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd: FSC-C126740,东明三信木业有限公司.

The suspended certificates are:
• Shandong Longsen Woods Co., Ltd. FM/CoC: FSC-C109378,山东隆森木业有限公司 (森林经营单位);
• Shandong Longsen Woods Co., Ltd. CoC: FSC-C151540,山东隆森木业有限公司;
• Dongming Jiuxin Trading Co., Ltd: FSC-C145704,东明九信贸易有限公司.

Through this action, FSC has demonstrated that its highest priority is the integrity of the brandmark distinguishing responsibly procured wood and wood-based products. By thoroughly investigating suspected violations, FSC acts to ensure that the companies found to misuse the FSC label cease doing so and are otherwise penalised.

To read more about this action, please follow this link.

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