FSC extends the consultation period for the APAC Regional Forest Stewardship Standard for Smallholders

The consultation period regarding the content of the FSC Regional Forest Stewardship Standard for Smallholders Version 1-0 Draft 2-0 (RFSS) has been extended until 15 July 2020.

Originally due to end on 22 June, the project team received multiple requests to extend the public consultation phase due to challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. After giving the matter due consideration, the consultation period for the RFSS has been extended by three weeks.

As a background to this announcement, FSC is coordinating the development of a forest stewardship standard specifically addressing smallholders. This RFSS will focus on the specific requirements for smallholders’ certification and will be directly applicable to smallholders in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This simplified standard should be applicable to a diverse range of smallholders, from smallholders viewing the FSC market approach as beneficial for their products to those who do not yet have any contact with external markets.

FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input during this period, as input is critical to the further development of this document. Click here to take part: https://consultation-platform.fsc.org/en/consultations/take/ce217b81de9916

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