FSC Blocks Organisations With False Claims in Bamboo Supply Chain

In a recent review, FSC has uncovered several companies deliberately carried false claims and were terminated in the bamboo supply chain transaction verification, but came back with new certificates.

Considering the substantial integrity risks exposed, FSC has decided to terminate and block the companies from certification for the foreseeable future. FSC has terminated and blocked the possibility for any of these companies to acquire a valid license agreement, which is a prerequisite for holding a valid FSC certificate.

The blocked organisations shall not carry out any activities associated with FSC. This includes, but is not limited to, trading FSC-certified products with FSC claims, labelling products as FSC certified, providing outsourcing services of FSC certified materials, joining a group or multi-site certification, and so on.

Companies that do not, in good faith, follow the requirements of the FSC system will find themselves increasingly under scrutiny by FSC and Assurance Services International (ASI) as the system takes strong measures against companies that trade with non-conforming products and/or use false FSC claims. FSC recommends certification bodies and buyers to check the certification history of FSC new applicants or FSC suppliers. To get a full list of companies blocked for FSC certification, search on info.fsc.org by sorting certificate status for ‘suspended and blocked’ and ‘terminated and blocked’.

More information about transaction verification results in bamboo supply chains can be found here. Questions can be addressed to: FSCIntegrity@fsc.org

A list of these recently-blocked organisations and their associated license numbers and certificate codes appears below.

Organisation NameLicense NumberCertificate Code
Anji Florid Artware Co., Ltd.FSC-C119082FSC-C141189FSC-C142213SGSHK-COC-011167
Anji Tianchi Bamboo & Wood Industry Co., Ltd.FSC-C129047FSC-C150804BV-COC-129047SGSHK-COC-320620
Fujian Sanming Foreign Trade Development Co., Ltd.FSC-C022092SGSHK-COC-002884
Fuzhou Licheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Also named: Licheng (FuJian) Enterprise Co.,LtdFSC-C109837FSC-C140410SGSHK-COC-010312DNV-COC-001616
Hangzhou Yayue Trading Co., Ltd.FSC-C109495BV-COC-015923
Harbin Evergreen Industrial Co., Ltd.FSC-C110500SGSHK-COC-010370
Hunan Taohuajiang Bamboo Science & Technology Co., Ltd.FSC-C107267SA-COC-002933
Hunan Yunsheng Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd.FSC-C131987SGSHK-COC-320135
Jiangxi Shanyou Industry Co., Ltd.FSC-C135720FSC-C157710SAI-COC-002628FC-COC-001456
ShangRao FuShan Industrial Co., LtdFSC-C133685FC-COC-158448
Wuyishan Yangguang Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.FSC-C133175FSC-C154549SA-COC-005445BV-COC-154549
Wuyishan U Bamboo Housewares Co., Ltd.FSC-C157974ESTS-COC-200120
Xuancheng Boya Container Floor Co., Ltd.FSC-C117915FSC-C148849QMI-COC-001782SCS-COC-006788
Zhejiang Dafeng Bamboo & Wooden Products Co., LtdFSC-C126590DNV-COC-001129
Zhejiang Yongyu Bamboo Joint-Stock Company., Ltd.FSC-C150573FSC-C005434SGSHK-COC-320612SA-COC-004336
Ziyuan Guizu Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.FSC-C130235SGSHK-COC-330120

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