Preliminary Results of Transaction Verification in Mangifera and Dalbergia Supply Chains

Recently, FSC mandated Assurance Service International (ASI) to conduct a preliminary analysis of transaction data from 2019, collected from 553 certificate holders through certification bodies.

The analysis of over 2,000 sales and purchases transactions revealed several supply chains, representing a wide range of different product types.

The preliminary analysis concluded that Mangifera supply chains pose a high risk for the presence of non-conforming products. The active Mangifera processors are mainly located in India, and the finished products are exported to European markets, including Germany, Denmark, Spain, and others.

ASI will lead continued investigations to obtain a better understanding of the Mangifera and Dalbergia supply chains. Stringent disciplinary measures will apply where mismatches are uncovered, and where certificate holders are found to be responsible for false claims. Further specifications are elaborated in the FSC Advice Note on Addressing Deliberate False Claims (ADVICE-40-004-18). 

Read more about transaction verification and the data integrity of the information collected.

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