Blocked Company Seeks FSC Certification through New Entities

[APAC – July 2021] FSC takes action against Chinese bamboo manufacturer with terminated certificate, after applying for a new certificate through new companies to avoid implementing corrective measures.

FSC’s investigations into bamboo supply chains revealed the involvement of Wuyishan Yangguang Bamboo Products Co., Ltd in deliberate false claims. The company was terminated on 2018-10-10 by certification body, and received another certificate, which was terminated on 2020-02-28. FSC blocked the company on 2020-07-08 as a result.

Further investigations revealed that the company then established a new entity, Wuyishan U Bamboo Housewares Co., Ltd., to pursuit a new FSC certificate. This new entity was used to avoid implementing corrective measures as required by FSC normative framework. Considering the substantial integrity risks exposed, FSC blocked the new entity.

In a recent review and with the information provided by stakeholders, FSC found another company con-nected to Wuyishan Yangguang Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. that applied for FSC certification. FSC trade-marks are valuable to all our stakeholders, and we work to protect our reputation and enforce our trademark rights by monitoring trademark compliance and investigating false claims.

FSC reserves the right to prohibit entities connected to the blocked company from entering the FSC certification scheme. The following organizations are reported as connected to Wuyishan Yangguang Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.:

The blocked organizations shall not carry out any activities associated with FSC. This includes, but is not limited to, trading FSC-certified products with FSC claims, labelling products as FSC certified, providing outsourcing services of FSC certified materials, joining a group or multi-site certification, etc. FSC recommends certification bodies and buyers to check the certification history of FSC new applicants or FSC suppliers.

To get a full list of companies blocked for FSC certification, search on by sorting certificate status for ‘suspended and blocked’ and ‘terminated and blocked’.

Please address your questions to FSC’s supply chain integrity team:

Read more: FSC Blocks Organizations with False Claims in the Bamboo Supply Chain – January 2021
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