2021 Global Consumer Research Reveals Escalating Concerns about Climate Change and Threats to Forest Biodiversity

From biodiversity loss to deforestation, global consumer research from FSC and GlobeScan reveals that concerns for forests are escalating. Consumers are feeling increasingly empowered to make an impact on sustainability by:

 • choosing more sustainable products: Climate change and biodiversity loss are now the top 2 drivers of purchase for paper-based products, such as tissues, books, and stationery —even more important than quality and price;
 • holding brands accountable: 86% of consumers expect companies to ensure their wood/paper products don’t contribute to deforestation;
 • embracing forest certification: 76% of consumers believe sustainability information on products should be certified by a credible independent organization;
 • checking for the FSC tree: 69% of consumers say the FSC label motivates them to buy a product.

As the most recognized and trusted forest-certification system globally, FSC helps consumers protect the world’s forests. Learn more about the research here: https://lnkd.in/epf6tyUd

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