The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC™) is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management around the world. Officially founded in 1994 with a mission to stop global deforestation, the FSC certification scheme ensures that forests products are responsibly managed and harvested.

Recognized by leading ENGOs as the Gold Standard in forestry, products that are certified and carry the FSC label present businesses and consumers with a responsible, ethical choice in a crowded marketplace. FSC creates success by engaging the market at scale to create real impacts: conserving wildlife, protecting soil and water quality, alleviating climate change and improving the lives of workers and communities so that we can achieve “Forests For All Forever”.


Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Office was found in 2011. We have one regional office based in Hong Kong, national offices in China, Australia, Japan and Malaysia, and representatives in India, Indonesia, Thailand(Greater Mekong) and Vietnam. Our Chain of Custody (CoC) certificates have been growing steadily in the region, with China having more than 4,000 CoC, which is the highest among all countries.

Check out the latest certification figures of FSC’s Forest Management(FM) and Chain of Custody(CoC) in Asia Pacific and other regions/ countries.

See FSC’s 2018-2022 Regional Strategy in Asia Pacific

To contact FSC’s Regional Office or any of the FSC team across Asia Pacific click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of certifications does FSC give? What are the meanings of different on-product labels?
FSC scheme covers Forest Management(FM) which sets standards for responsible management of natural and plantation forests, and Chain of Custody(CoC) Certification, which applies to those (mainly companies) who process, trade or manufacture FSC-certified wood or derived materials.

Controlled Wood is applicable for material from acceptable sources. It can be mixed with FSC-certified material in products that carry the FSC Mix label.

FSC has “100%”, “Recycled” and “Mix” on- product labels. Find out their meanings here.  Please note that the only time an FSC label can be applied to a product or an FSC claim can be made on a sales or delivery note is when it is done by an FSC certified company and it relates to one of their FSC certified product groups.

2. Does FSC do certification itself?
No, FSC is the scheme owner and we set the standards through consulting with businesses, NGOs, communities, workers, and Indigenous Peoples (check out how we set our standards). The certification process is carried out by independent certification bodies that assess forest managers and forest product companies against FSC standards.

Accreditation Services International (ASI) is the organisation that offers accreditation to the certification bodies that wish to audit against FSC standards. Click here for the FSC certification bodies list, or you can go to “Contact Us” and find our local representatives for support.

3. How do I get certified?
It only takes 3 key steps!
i) Contact one or several FSC accredited certification bodies in or near the company for a quotation from them.

To give you a first estimate regarding cost and time needed, the certification body will need some basic information about your operation. The certification body will provide you with information about the requirements for FSC certification. Find certification bodies.

ii) Get Audited!
A certification audit takes place to assess your company’s qualifications for certification.

iii) Get Certified!
After working with a Certification Body (CB), towards achieving full FSC requirements compliance, your operation will receive its FSC Certificate (with FSC certificate code and FSC trademark license code) from your CB.

FSC certificates are valid for five years. The FSC accredited certification body will conduct annual surveillance audits to verify your continued compliance with FSC certification requirements. Click here to find out more, and you can always email asiapacific@fsc.org for support or enquiries or contact your local representatives.

4. What is it in for my business if I got FSC certification?
Consumers and companies are increasingly aware of, and concerned by, the origins of the products they buy and their manufacturing processes. This is part of a growing trend of business and consumers wanting assurance about ‘invisible product characteristics’. FSC can ensure the material are sustainably sourced from the forests without harming the environment and the communities. The FSC label is a trusted mark that offers such assurance to buyers.

Research has also shown that businesses that become FSC certified benefit from better access to international markets, have higher revenues, see a positive change to their public image and have improved both internal and external engagement.

Find out the benefits to your business and download the overview factsheet.

5. Is FSC only for big companies? My operation is very small, is it something for me?
Although FSC is the preferred scheme of most of the Fortune 500 companies because of our credibility from our high standard, we work with more than 150,000 smallholders around the world and with tailor-made schemes for small and community producers.

Find out more and see our inspiring stories here.

6. I agree with the cause of FSC and your logo looks really nice! I want to promote it to more people. Can I just use it?
Not without talking to us first. We value and appreciate your support to promote FSC and its mission. To ensure the credibility and integrity of our brand, we ask you to apply for a FSC Trademark Service Licence if you are not a certificate holder.

An FSC Trademark Licence will allow your brand to use the FSC trademarks for promotional purposes on catalogues, websites and in marketing materials. We will also to be able to provide you access to other promotional products and services to help you promote your work with FSC.

You and your organizations can apply for a trademark licence if you are:

  • Retailers buying in finished and FSC labelled products from an FSC certified company selling them on unchanged to end-users (e.g. the public).
  • Businesses wishing to promote their use of FSC certified products in their business activities.
  • Consultants or Print Managers wishing to promote FSC in their services

Please note that the brands can’t apply the FSC label to any product or its packaging or pass FSC claims on through the supply chain. FSC claims can only be applied as part of a certified operation through an FSC certification body.

Find out how you can legitimately use FSC trademarks and seek support to do so.

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